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Our mission is to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge solutions through learning and performance innovation for business and education.

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Our center continues to be a trusted and proven source of evidence-based research in knowledge solutions.

The center will continue to evolve as we provide evidence-based research with practical and appropriate knowledge solutions to improve learning and performance in organizational systems.


The uniqueness of the Center for Knowledge Solutions is learning and performance across disciplines and professions.  Our center enables our constituents to implement knowledge solutions for improving their organizational systems. We empower scholars and scholar-practitioners to make evident-based decisions that optimize learning and performance systems to improve organizational knowledge.


  • Foster a consensus that knowledge solutions are developed through learning and performance innovation;
  • Create interdisciplinary partnerships between scholars, scholar practitioners, and practitioners;
  • Nurture future scholars and scholar practitioners;
  • Serve as an incubator for learning and performance innovation;
  • Decrease the gap between theory and practice;
  • Increase exchange of knowledge between education and business;
  • Develop knowledge solutions platforms to increase learning and performance; and
  • Serve as curators of knowledge solutions for organizational systems.


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